Our Offering for Conformity Test Tools and Services

secunet provides a unique conformance testing solution for testing the chip application of smart cards and readers and performing protocol tests. The open source platform of GlobalTester (GT) is available free of charge and allows our customers to develop their own test suites.

Our GlobalTester product portfolio "Prove" offers both standard and customized test suites to test application layer and data layer (layer 6 and 7 of ISO/OSI model) of eID cards, ePassports, readers/terminals and eID clients.

GlobalTester now also offer conformity tests for driving licence

The ISO has finalised the test specification „Personal identification — ISO-compliant driving licence —Part 4:Test methods”. secunet GlobalTester with the product Prove IDL now supports this test specification in the latest version and thus also the protocols BAP and PACE regarding the specified version for IDL.

Our Product Portfolio

  • secunet GlobalTester conformity test tool for smart cards and readers, such as eID, ePassports, eDriving licence, inspection systems
  • Consulting services for smart card testing, reader testing or protocol testing
  • Interpreting requirements of smart card specifications and test specifications
  • Conformity test services in ISO 17025 certified lab for BSI certification