secunet GlobalTester Tools at a Glance

Conformance testing to verify the conformity and functionality of the chip application of smart cards and readers is of utmost importance to ensure compliance with the following criteria, in particular for systems in cross-border scenarios:

  • Authenticity
  • Data integrity
  • Availability
  • Data security
  • Non-repudiation
  • Interoperability

secunet GlobalTester offers developers a comprehensive test platform to test the conformity of the chip application.

secunet GlobalTester Modules

Test Specification

The module Test Specification allows users to access the test case specifications in XML format. Users may adapt existing test cases or write and implement custom test cases as needed. 

Our one-step approach to test specification and execution allows users to run test suites or single test cases directly from Test Specification, based on specific software testing methodologies.

Test Execution

The module Test Runner allows users to execute tests, create test reports and view and evaluate test results. Several traceability functions (e.g., repeating past test runs) help users during product development and during failure analysis and elimination.

Failure Analysis and Reporting

The failure analysis and reporting module offers the automated generation of reports and log files.  Errors and issues are automatically located and isolated.  Detailed log files describe both sides of the communication protocol in order to analyze failures.

All of our conformance test suites are based on JavaScript, GlobalPlatform and XML. All conformity tests can be customized and extended by user-defined tests through JavaScript. Customers can develop customized test suites on their own.